Moving forward in 2011

Continuing my initial post (Looking back at 2010) to shape my year ahead.

  • Learn something new

We get so involved in our daily routine that it becomes monotonous. We do the things we have been doing regularly (and efficiently). However, it is critical for us to look at new opportunities and make the most of it. Off late, I have been learning new things on my job, but, not too many things to enhance my overall knowledge. I have started to follow and, read monthly management periodicals like Harvard Business Review apart from the daily news.

  • Develop basic proficiency in one foreign language

Learning a foreign language is always a plus. You never know if you encounter / visit a place where you may need some help in getting by. I believe Spanish is the most frequently spoken language after English (I may be wrong, but, this is what I have gathered from my friends and Internet). My wife also wants to be a part of this learning experience. We are currently looking at different resources and options to help us fulfill our quest for learning something new.

  • Read one book every month

I was a very heavy reader (till a couple of years ago). I have been lagging behind reading books. Mainly, I will attribute it to my laziness. I am expanding my book choices in audio books and e-books as well apart from the regular paper-bound books. I am pretty sure I can achieve my goal of reading and getting back my reading habits.

  • Manage time effectively. You simply cannot master time

I cannot say more on this. Time management is something which cannot be conquered but has to be mastered. We should not be in a position where we think ‘a few more minutes’ or ‘a few extra hours’ is what I need every day. If this is the scenario, it is time to re-visit your daily routine and identify where time is being lost and in what way can we regain the lost time. Some things are unavoidable. You have to attend meetings; you have to eat lunch etc. Also, one needs to learn to say ‘no’ to people and set/ agree to realistic deadlines. I have been following this past few months (at work and home) and have seen great improvement in my productivity. I am going to continue with this and become better at time management.

  • Power Retrospection

In such a fast paced environment, it is difficult to keep a track of the different events you have been a part of. You may sometimes not recollect the information at that moment. However, when I discipline self to look back, I am able to see all the good things which have passed, appreciated and be thankful to my wife, brother, sister-in-law, friends and most importantly my parents.

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