Passing of a friend

Last week was a testing time for my team. One of our co-worker who was on a vacation passed away. The news was a shock to everyone. As a company and team, we were supporting each other on the sudden loss. There was a sense of dis-belief that something drastic like this could happen. When our clients learned about news, they were shocked. They sent several flowers and cards in the memory of our friend.


We organized a small ceremony in the company to remember our friend. The ceremony started with prayers. Fellow employees spoke about what they missed the most about our friend. The whole atmosphere was emotional. After the ceremony, we planted a tree in the garden near the Employee entrance.


We decorated the desk of our friend with flowers and cards received. We made a small photo-book in the memory of our friend which was signed by the fellow employees. We sent this book to my friend’s family along with the personal belongings after a few days.


I sit behind my friend’s desk. Every day I come to work and pass the empty desk, there is this sudden “empty” feeling passes by. May god bless the soul and provide courage to the family and friends.


One thing which I have learned from this episode is that life is short, unexpected and full of surprises. We need to appreciate life as it comes. If obstacles come, we need to fight it carefully and not be frustrated. In times of sadness, we need to provide moral support to your peers who are affected the most.

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