Looking back at 2010

Today, it is seven days into the New Year (2011). A week has already passed by. Soon, the whole month will go by. I have realized that time will not wait for any one.

Looking back at 2010 (which we left a few days ago), it was a great year:

  • I got married on May 23, 2010

My wife, Esha. I can only thank her every moment for being a part of my life and family. She has been a great support to everyone in the family. I am blessed to be with her to continue my journey.

  • Our parents visited us in August – September

It was the best time when the whole family was together at home and visiting different places.

  • Me and my wife visited Florida in the Thanks Giving Week

We travelled all the way from Orlando to Miami to Key West. It was a fun-filled trip where we spent quality time enjoying each other’s company.

  • Two of our family friends visited us during Christmas and welcomed 2011 with us

We all had a great time together as we were meeting after a long time. We spent lots of time together. We also went skiing at Mount Wachusetts. My friend had initially planned the trip for just the Christmas Weekend. However, his flight out of Boston were cancelled due to the winter storm. So he extended his stay through the New Year. This is the second winter he has spent with us.

Check back soon for my 2011 resolutions.

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