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2011 – The past || 2012 – The current & future

2012 and past 2011 was an eventful year for me. A few events which I would like to share: Esha and me, we completed our first wedding anniversary (May 2011) I entered the Android world after my Windows Mobile Phone died (August 2011) I visited India to be with my family (December 2011) 2012 and beyond Looking back at 2011, I see that I have not been able more...


Moving forward in 2011

Continuing my initial post (Looking back at 2010) to shape my year ahead. Learn something new We get so involved in our daily routine that it becomes monotonous. We do the things we have been doing regularly (and efficiently). However, it is critical for us to look at new opportunities and make the most of it. Off late, I have been learning new things on my job, more...

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