Mastering your eMail Inbox

Has it happened to you that you open your personal email and see the count of unread messages to be sky-rocketing? Have you faced issues with locating particular information which was sent in an email just because your email account is not organized? I know friends who have thousands of emails cluttered in the inbox.

I have been very efficient in managing my work / corporate emails. My work inbox has less than 5 emails at the end of the day. However, I was lagging behind in organizing my personal emails (mostly due to lack of time which I can attribute to my inept laziness).

My inbox is cluttered with lots of emails. I receive a variety of emails:

  • Some emails are important
  • Some are newsletters
  • Some are notifications from social networking sites
  • Some are pure junk or spam emails

Most of the times, I skim through the emails over my Android phone. Over a period of time, the number of unread emails increases exponentially making it difficult to keep a track of the important emails.

Beginning 2012, I am trying to keep up with my new year resolution to be more organized. Whenever I check emails, I make sure to act on them as I do for my work emails:

  • Read the emails or keep it unread
  • If it is something which I need to follow-up with later, set a flag and / or mark it unread
  • Delete unwanted emails
  • Unsubscribe to newsletters as I am receiving (which I do not tend to read any more)
  • Create rules / filters for known emails which I receive for reference or backups
  • Move emails to appropriate folder so that I can locate correct information in the least possible time

Over the past couple of weeks, this has helped me to be at par with all emails which have been sent to me. I can search for any information and locate it within a few minutes. At the end of the day, my email inbox is light and organized.

I strongly believe it is pure discipline to master your email inbox.

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