No Cable TV? Use Online Streaming

Me and Nainil were looking back at our cable TV usage in Feb 2011. It turned out that we were paying upwards of $50 per month just to watch a handful of channels. We called our cable operator and shared our concern. They were able to help us downgrade our package to $30 per month with the basic cable. That provided us most of our daily viewable channels except one. To get that additional channel, we would need to go back to $50 per month plan. That seemed like highway robbery. Since we were not in any contract, we decided to cut the cable.


Now the question was what we can use to fulfill our TV needs. We decided to opt for Online Streaming. NetFlix was the immediate solution. We subscribed to NetFlix which cost us approximately $10 per month including taxes.


The collection in NetFlix is pretty decent. They add new movies fairly quickly. More and more TV shows are available on-demand. It is facing still competition from Hulu Plus.


We have a spare desktop system which we hooked up to our TV using a S-Video cable. This allows us to stream movies and content online on our TV via a computer. Apart from online computer streaming, NetFlix supports Android and iPhone. This means I can stream content on the go.


I feel “Online Streaming” is the best investment we have made. To top it off, we have saved approximately $480 past year ($40 per month) against our Cable TV bills.


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