Some papers which I have worked on:

  • Shades of Green

This research explores the impact of attempts by manufacturers to convert their conventional offers into green products. A series of studies examining this issue confirmed differences in semantic associations and perceptions for products described as completely and somewhat green. Furthermore purchase goals impacted willingness to pay high prices for somewhat green products.

It started off as my Independent study while pursuing MBA in 2009.

Excellent healthcare demands that physicians provide the patients with accurate and current information in a timely manner. Recently, there have been several revolutionary innovations in globalization of information with controlled data flow. Search Engines, Wikis, Blogs and Forums; some of the most famous mass collaboration means; have proved to be the most disruptive development in the today’s business.

Knowledge boundaries (in health care) are becoming more porous. The patients are becoming more knowledgeable. The care providers are gaining more knowledge on the technological front. The authors objective is to help identify the domain areas that are involved in bringing availability and sharing of data in a global environment where everybody is a patient and everybody can be defined as a care provider.

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