2011 – The past || 2012 – The current & future

2012 and past

2011 was an eventful year for me. A few events which I would like to share:

  • Esha and me, we completed our first wedding anniversary (May 2011)
  • I entered the Android world after my Windows Mobile Phone died (August 2011)
  • I visited India to be with my family (December 2011)

2012 and beyond

Looking back at 2011, I see that I have not been able to keep up to my resolutions. I do not want to go into more details about that. But, upon retrospection, sticking to resolutions is something we need to make it a part of our day-to-day life. One needs to be patient, disciplined and diligent in one’s efforts. This year, again I have some goals and I hope to stick to them.

To make sure that I am at speed with my goals for 2012, me and Esha (my wife) have done something different. Instead of making individual goals, we both sat down and made goals for each other. Of course, the room was open for a discussion to make sure that the goals were in sync with each other at the end. I am keeping my calendars organized and syncing the same different systems I use. This will keep me up-to-date with the events as they come.

Some of the goals which ended up having:

  • Revisit the goals progress every three months
  • Motivate each other and help accomplish the goals set
  • Visit the local library every couple of weeks to participate in events or grab a book to read
  • Pen down our thoughts / learning every couple of weeks
  • Reduce paper waste by going paperless in any and all day-to-day activities
  • Setup a new design / layout for the site and keep it updated


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