Respect your eyes

Eyesight is one of the best gifts one has in this world. Without eyesight, one may be handicapped. How will one enjoy the beauty around us if our eyesight is poor? In today’s world, with everything being concentrated heavily towards computers, it is necessary to spend some time taking good care of our precious eyes and respect them.

I have been using a computer for more than 15 years. Initially, I used a desktop at home; later laptop. On an average, I have been spending 8-10 hours in front of the computer screen.

This being said, one may be wondering if my health, especially, my eyesight would have been affected badly. My health would have been affected, but, my family has been into eating nutritious items and practicing some simple, but effective ways to promote a healthy being.

Food Habits:

  • A big bowl of fresh fruits
  • A bowl of green vegetables
  • Garnish vegetables with corriander leaves and lemon juice
  • Drink fruit juices (Orange / Carrots / Apple)

Work Habits:

  • Dim the computer screen

Often, the monitors / screens are turned on to the highest brightness value. Since we are so used to looking at the same, we do not even realize how much damage and stress it may be causing to our eyes. Look at the manual of the monitor and try to dim the screen a few points at time. Trust me, your eyes will find a big difference.

  • Massage my eyes

Rub my finger tips gently over the circumference of my eyes. Also do some light tapping of the muscles surrounding my eyes

  • Give eyes a rest while using a computer

I have setup a background task running in my system which does a simple thing: Lock the computer periodically. Initially, I set the task to lock the computer every 60 minutes. It was very frustrating to see the computer lock itself while you were in the middle of work. However, as time went by, I was feeling more comfortable and my body started getting used to the locking. I started to reduce the time from 60 minutes to 50 minutes, 45 minutes and currently, 30 minutes. My goal is to move down to 20 minutes which eye specialists recommend a golden time for the eyes to get rest after looking at a computer screen.

  • Look at distance

Once the computer is locked, I tend to look at a distant object outside the window or something in the office corridor; which gives my eyes the much needed relaxation and stretch.

I have found that I feel more relaxed towards the end of the day. My eyes feel fresh. I hope that this exercise does have long term benefits.

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