Peaks and Valleys

One of my 2011 resolutions was to read something meaningful every month. January 2011 is coming to an end and today I am going to write about ‘Peaks and Valleys. Making Good and Bad Times Work For You — At Work and In Life‘. This is an inspiring book written by Dr. Spencer Johnson; who has authored some of the bestselling self-help management books like ‘Who Moved My Cheese‘ and ‘The Present‘.

The book is short and intelligible. The book talks about the ups and downs in our daily life, be it work, personal or academic. The author uses the term ‘Peaks’ to denote the ‘ups’ and ‘Valleys’ to denote the downs. Some days we are happy, some day we are sad. Some days go by where nothing changes (when we hit a plateau).

Like Dr. Spencer’s other books, Author has used simple and lucid language to illustrate the takeaways.

My Observations:

  • Fear kills a person. It drives a person from peaks to valleys (up to down)
  • If you go through bad times, have faith in your self and good times will follow
  • If you go through good times, expect bad times to follow, but try to see the essence and truth in the dark times and make the most of it
  • We are the ones who decide what we see next; is it going to be a peak (good times) or a valley (dark times) or a plateau (not good nor dark)
  • Accept the truth and reality
  • Aim high, carve out or envision a ‘sensible’ pathway to reach the goal. Start out small

I find this book helpful and give be a perspective of how to look at things. I hope that I am able to put these ideas in my day-to-day life just like I am able to accept and perceive change as  part of our life after reading ‘Who moved my cheese’.

If you have never read books from Dr. Spencer Johnson, you can give it a try. The books are usually short (approximately 100 pages). The author highlights the key points but quoting them in separate pages which hold just the teaser line to chew upon. This book has a story within a story. This book, like the previous book, follows the same tradition.

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